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and David W. Nord is from Dixon, Ill. All four candidates currently serve as city administrators in their respective cities. A total of 37 applications from 16 states were received for the position during a two month search beginning in October. GovHR USA, the search firm hired by the city to assist during the hiring process, then narrowed the field to 15 candidates it felt best fit the needs the city provided for guidance. Following a detailed review of backgrounds and proper due diligence by GovHR, the 15 candidates were brought before city council and the mayor for review and selection. The candidates will interview in a round-robin style with four different panels Friday morning. The panels consist of representatives from the Newton Development Corporation, Newton Housing Development Corporation, the Newton Chamber of Commerce, Newton Main Street, city directors and board chairs, the mayor and city council and employee representatives. After the interviews have concluded, the candidates will take a lunch break before participating in a community orientation tour.useful site

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course for selection interview

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