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The elderly patient was admitted to the hospital at the end of June, but was not diagnosed with Zika virus infection until after his death, according to Utah health officials. The unidentified Utah resident had traveled to the southwest coast of Mexico where ZIKV transmission has been reported. Taxonomer analysis of the metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing data of the patient’s serum RNA revealed presence of a ZIKV virus strain that shared 99.8 percent of its genome sequence with a strain isolated from a mosquito in Chiapas, Mexico in 2016. Current diagnostic techniques rely heavily on testing for suspected pathogens, which can be inconclusive and time consuming. Because Taxonomer can test for a very large number of pathogens all at once, a doctor doesn’t have to suspect the cause of a patient’s infection, but can instead simply ask, “What does my patient have?” In this case, a presumptive diagnosis of dengue shock syndrome was made, but tests were negative. Zika virus was then identified by PCR and Taxonomer analysis. “The very fast and comprehensive analysis also helped us characterize the viral genome sequence of this fatal infection and to address whether additional infections may have worsened the course of disease,” says lead author, Dr. Sankar Swaminathan, the Don Merrill Rees Presidential Endowed Chair and Chief of Infectious Diseases at University of Utah Health Care. “This study demonstrates the utility of Taxonomer for very rapid and comprehensive identification of known, and novel, pathogen strains, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and others,” says IDbyDNA’s Dr.

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